“You are influenced by the (American) far right”

“You are influenced by the (American) far right”

What can magic do? The great teacher known for his claim that he never forced anyone to vaccinate is a “return”. This time: Muslim parents who oppose 2SLGBTQI+ Canadian propaganda are victims of the American alt-right. Because as the progressive scenario dictates: beiges have nothing an agency And all their expressions are the result of white discrimination or manipulation.

Trudeau to Big Dad:First of all, there is an overwhelming amount of disinformation and disinformation out there. People on social media, especially before American right, they spread a lot of lies about what is really in the provincial curriculum. (…) These are the people on the far right who have consistently stood up against Muslim rights and the Muslim community, but weaponize the LGBTQ cause, which is something that, yes, Islam has strong opinions about, just like the religious right in Canada, the Christian right, has strong opinions against as well.

Well, in all fairness, Trudeau still lets De Moslem down a bit an agency By acknowledging that Islam itself also has “strong opinions”, but the path is clear.

Your concerns are:

influenced by the American far right

He is deeply influenced by the American far right


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