'Yoho is there anyone?'  Is there a ghost in the house?

'Yoho is there anyone?' Is there a ghost in the house?

Hubby was working out, and his daughter went to her room with a Snapchat and a bowl of nuts. Ollie (9 years old) and I were sitting on the sofa when I heard the noise. A kind of ticking, a kind of bell. The guys were talking outside, and I assumed it was a bike bell or something.

But she didn't stop. Not even when the guys left long ago. That bell, that bell, bothered me. “What is that sound?” I asked. “Ollie, do you hear it too?” Ollie looked at me. “What sound? I don't hear anything.”

“Turn the TV down a little, because you won't hear anything with that cartoon scream.” Olle refused television. You will only see, there is no sound or timbre to be heard. I stuck my finger in the air. “Just wait a minute, it will start again soon.” Ollie rolled his eyes. “Can I keep watching now?” I nodded.

A few minutes later it happened again. “Look, I'm not crazy,” I said excitedly, “turn off that TV!” “Then listen!” Ollie looked at me incomprehensibly. “I can't hear anything, mom. Impossible.” I wasn't sure what to do. If I continued, I would worry about Ollie, that was for sure. His look said it all, it already betrayed 'Mom's not there after all'. Crazy cuckoo To become?

evil soul?

“Never mind,” I said, and got up from the couch to take a leisurely walk around the house on my own. Was there a ghost in the house? Perhaps an evil spirit, or a tick spirit in this case? The eavesdropping did not stop. At intervals, it became quiet for a while, then it started again.

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“Yoho, is there anyone there?” I said to no one (or that typo) in the hallway and declared I was crazy, but I had to do something, didn't I? The sound wouldn't stop on its own, so much was clear now.

She looked in the hallway, in the garden (maybe he came from outside after all?), upstairs (it might have been Puck who was playing loud music, but she was lying on her bed wiping her earbuds in as usual), and walked over. Return to the basement.

“What's the matter, mom? What time will dad be home?” he was there. A beginning touch of fear in Ollie. “Nothing, I must have heard that wrong,” I lied. “Come on, let's go together First dates To look at. I looked up the latest episode on the app and helped Olle under the wool blanket, so he could feel warm and relaxed and sleep would go smoothly.

Go to bed without any problems

Then I headed to the kitchen to get a cup of tea and plugged my phone into the charger. “Damn it! Look! I wasn't crazy! Turns out this ghost was staying here! Oh my god, I left the tablet on. That's what I hear, some kind of game.”

“Sorry,” he said and ran upstairs. Going to bed that evening went wonderfully smoothly and quickly. The spirit of the tick took care of that.

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