Brother Peter R.  de Vries street name and memorial |  interior

Brother Peter R. de Vries street name and memorial | interior

To honor Peter’s legacy, the work he did must become familiar, Wouter believes. “I myself am not waiting for a statue of my brother, but a monument to Peter R. de Vries,” he said on Humberto’s Friday night talk show. “This should be a memorial that we defend as a community. A kind of memorial where you think about something, but also look forward.”

Wouter also asked the mayor of Amsterdam to name a street after his brother, who was shot on 6 July and succumbed to his injuries on 15 July. “Ditch a nautical hero and create the street name Peter R. de Vries.” If it was up to Wouter, Peter Royce and Kelly’s kids could pick the spot.

In recent weeks, Wouter has been saddled with messages and support data. “I really want to thank everyone for all the support, warmth and compassion,” he said. “If 1 per cent of people would do what Peter advocated, I think it all had a benefit. Although it would never make up for the grief of Royce, Kelly and his grandchildren. It really is the worst of it.”

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