24/7 Wake Up Service: Medal Chances in Tokyo • Bij1 Members Meeting at Quinsy Gario

24/7 Wake Up Service: Medal Chances in Tokyo • Bij1 Members Meeting at Quinsy Gario

Do you hit the road? Here you will find it Abstract from work. Check file here railway timetable.

What do you expect today?

  • For the first time, there are chances of the Dutch getting a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. For example, bowlers Gabriela Schloesser and Steve Wijler compete for the podium in the Mixed Tag Team Championship. The road race for cyclists begins, with Dylan van Barley, Tom Dumoulin, Wilko Kieldermann, Bucky Mollema and Yoweri Havic at the start. The end is around 10:30 AM.
  • Also today is the date of the first softball matches, one of five new sports in these games. in the podcast long story short In 3 NOS explains how the sport becomes Olympic.
  • The political party Bij1 holds a general meeting of its members that will be overshadowed by an internal crisis. Number 2 on the list is stuck, Quinsy Gario. It was not clear why he was in danger of being expelled from the party, but there would be “victims”. Senior members demand further explanation.
  • The annual Pride Parade takes place in Budapest. Given Hungary’s recent controversial anti-LGBTI law, there are fears of additional tensions surrounding the rally. In previous editions, there were also clashes with counter-demonstrators.

What did you miss?

Did Ipk Zunderland do his last workout? Horizontal bar specialist mode in qualifications He expects to score 13,833 points, which is not good enough for a place in the Olympic final.

“You should definitely have an extra 14 points for the final, and that hurts,” Zunderland said. “But what do you expect if you are not able to train? In training I couldn’t do anything that came close to working out, in fact it’s not normal that I did a workout that hard.”

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without land Who assumes himself? That the Olympics is his last tournament, his health was ailing in the run-up to Tokyo. It was at the expense of his strength and energy. He didn’t make any big mistakes, but his practice was a bit sloppy to get a high score.

How did the other Dutch athletes perform last night? read over here Back summary.

“I lost a lot in the second half because of the energy”

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