Would you like to be a TV analyst?

Would you like to be a TV analyst?

The Tim Swain countdown has begun. Four more league games could be closed in addition to the playoffs and corner specialist van Blumendaal’s self-written boys’ book. “You can reach your goal no matter your age.”

He was among the last to leave Blumendal’s dressing room on Sunday after the 3-1 thrashing of Kampung. “This is probably what I will miss the most,” says the 31-year-old defender. The group feel in this dressing room, where you are alone with the team. our place. This is where the best jokes are made. Discuss things that only remain within the team. She is disappointed when something goes wrong, but she also laughs at someone’s clothes. Locker room things. I will miss that. We have become friends for the past six years. It’s good that you get along well. I see my team more than my girlfriend.

But that time will soon be over. Thus ends the beautiful story of a great athlete who came to fruition belatedly. His career is synonymous with scaling. Via Dorn & Helmond came to Orange-Black, where he wasn’t considered good enough at the end of the youth academy to move up to Banner team.

  1. After five years at HC Eindhoven and three years at Tilburg, he made his dream come true by moving to Bloemendaal in 2017. Swain was already 26 years old. Actually, no talent anymore. It also took a few years at ‘t Kopje before he could take the next step. In the fall of 2021, the time has come. Swaen made his debut with Orange in his thirties. A dream come true and moved it big.

Tim Swain vs. Kampung. Photo: Quinn Swick

the total

It was an adventure that lasted about a year and ended when he left India for the World Cup. In the winter I spoke with the national coach about my future at Orange. He said my chances of playing tournaments were very slim. Too small to commit and put it all aside again.

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“I really wanted to get into the Dutch national team,” Swayne looks back. If that stops, it will end up with the hockey club, too. This is what I planned for myself. It has become an amount. With Bloemendaal, we won whatever was possible, this one. beside that; My age, my job and travel from Eindhoven, where I have continued to live. I drive back and forth three or four times a week. If I quit, I will be given 20 to 25 hours a week. You don’t have to think about “what if” now. I’ve experienced a lot of nice things. So that’s okay.

His farewell to Bloemendaal, where he has so far won four European trophies and three national titles, means he will stop playing top hockey altogether. “I’m 99 per cent sure of that. Maybe I’ll think about it again if the club starts acting crazy, with a very impressive offer. But I don’t expect that. I want to take Sundays off and stop training four times a week. Otherwise, I’d keep going.” Bloemendaal It could have been done.

Swaen with the EHL Cup, which Bloemendaal conquered in the Easter weekend. Photo: Quinn Swick

the future

So it will save time. On Sunday at Viaplay he already suggested a way to fill in some hours. “Ha yeah, I’d like to be a TV analyst. I’m crazy about hockey and I like to give my opinion. After the game against Kampung, I stood there with Taiki Taikima and Macy de Ruyter and thought: It sounds like laughter. I have no idea how that works. But I hope they invite me Soon.

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Swain led the sports talents who go to America. He resigned from this position in the run-up to the World Cup. I will go to work soon Performance coach. This means that I help people in their work, and I want to help them realize their ambitions. This can be in business, but also in sports. I took this training myself. Now I want to try to make others better.

What can Swaen’s future clients learn from his own career? “Well, I don’t want to set myself too much as an example,” it sounds modest. But I firmly believe that you always have a chance if you do your best for something. I was partly lucky. My parents could take me to hockey and there was money to play sports. On the other hand, I continued to work hard to reach the top. You can reach your goal no matter your age. Sometimes a detour is required, but if you really want to… there’s a possibility.

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