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The IAAF let Ninky Brinkman cheer early. Brinkman, 29, completed the Boston Marathon yesterday in 15th place in a time of 2.24.58 and was told after the IAAF that she met the national and international limit for next year’s Olympic Games in Paris. :26:50.

However, upon closer examination of world athletics rules, the Dutch Federation discovered that the Boston Marathon was not considered eligible for the Games, because the course height difference was too great. The road through American city is too big slope for that.

“We find it very upsetting that this confusion arose because of us, primarily for NINK themselves,” says head coach Vincent Kortebeck. We already confirmed to Nienke Brinkman’s management last night that her time was good for the international frontier. Unfortunately, the additional information has led us to be premature in this matter and this message was not correct.”

No disappointment

The letter did not come as a surprise to Brinkman, because unlike the IAAF, it presupposed that no limit could be run in Boston. So that was not a goal either. Therefore, the athlete was surprised when she heard that she was going to meet the Olympic limit. Now that it turns out that’s not the case, there’s no way to be disappointed, let her management know.

The IAAF expects Brinkman to have no problems qualifying for the Olympic marathon at a later date, based on her position in the world rankings or by running the limit in another marathon.

Last year, Brinkman finished second at the Rotterdam Marathon. Then she set a Dutch record of 2.22.51. Brinkmann then took bronze in the marathon at the European Championships in Munich.

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