Would you like a new hobby?  Try juggling or horseback riding – Wel.nl

Would you like a new hobby? Try juggling or horseback riding – Wel.nl

Tired of playing soccer or tennis in the freezing cold? Perhaps fighting, juggling or horseback riding is a hobby for you.

Somewhat exotic sports have come from abroad and can now also be played in our country. Last May, for example, the new riding velodrome was used for the first time at the Almere Equestrian Center in Almere-Boyten. Are you registered and do you have your own hobby horse? Take it with you,” the organizers wrote on Facebook.

Finland is the mecca of horse riding game. There are over 10,000 young horse riders in this Scandinavian country alone. A documentary has been made about this exotic sport, titled Hobby Horse Revolution.

Fighting juggling appears to have originated in America, although Dutch martial arts juggler Rob van Heijst was also among the top five in the world. Two teams compete against each other. ten against ten players; Thirty against thirty wands constantly flying through the air.

This sport is also played one on one. The object of the game is to disrupt your opponent’s maneuvering games cycle by using one of your own clubs to knock the opponent’s club away, without stopping play yourself.

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