Football wins the hearts of Americans

Football wins the hearts of Americans

He writes that football is experiencing an American advance Victor Buck. American women dominate the sport and men, who lost the round of 16 in the World Cup in Holland on Saturday, are striving to do so too. Soccer is on the rise thanks to a crisis in traditional American sports.

Victor Buck (1995) Editor in EW. Every Saturday he blogs about what’s going on in American politics.

special activity. This is the most popular American sport in the eyes of Europe. Running behind an egg-shaped ball, which is usually thrown and sometimes kicked. Rugby, but it’s different, because the players are packed tightly together.

The distance the ball must travel Landing It is measured in yards, which most Europeans struggle to convert into meters. which team it is
The best in this game, he calls himself the world champion. Although only American teams participate in the competition.

Concerns about American sports are growing

However, American football is also trying to gain a foothold in Europe. The British capital, London, has been a host city for American teams since 2007, and this year also played in Munich, Germany.

The leap in expansion is necessary, because the enthusiasm for this sport is declining in our country. In 2007, 43 percent of Americans said American football was their favorite sport. Ten years later it was 37%. Other traditionally beloved American sports, such as baseball and basketball, are also struggling with their popularity.

In American football, there is a great deal of concern about the impact of heavy blows to the head on players. These blows lead to brain damage. So parents doubt whether it is still a suitable sport for their children. In baseball, clubs and players have argued over a collective bargaining agreement this year. This even led to the postponement of the start of the season.

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Team USA’s ratings break records

Ice hockey even fell behind soccer in the latest popularity poll. It turned out to be the favorite sport of seven percent of Americans, and with that, it managed to beat one of the four major American sports for the first time. Soccer is a more accessible sport, and it’s also becoming more popular thanks to the arrival of many Latin Americans, who brought with them the sports culture of their homeland.

Because of the World Cup, interest in the game is growing. President Joe Biden actively cheers the team during press moments. Sports are also recorded on television. The Americans’ collegiate game against England broke all viewing records for United States soccer team matches with over twenty million viewers.

Delivers the American view on the original European game
Funny comments on social media. In addition to the name of the battle between football And the football It mainly has to do with the impact of offside time and injury. The latter is more of a wild guess by the referee.

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The Americans will host the next World Cup

The question is whether European football’s snobs will still be able to laugh at American comments in four years’ time. This year, the US national team has already survived the group stage of the World Cup, while European superpowers such as Germany and Belgium have been killed.

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The United States itself will host the next World Cup in 2026 along with Mexico and Canada. The final will be played in New Jersey, at a stadium that normally serves American football. Americans hope that their team
In that stadium for the final. Because they beat football.

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