With Iowa, totalitarianism in America comes one step closer

With Iowa, totalitarianism in America comes one step closer

By one of our editors on January 16, 2024

(Updated Jan 19) We can hold on to the hope that Trump will not become a US president-dictator in 2025. heap In light of Biden's unexpected victory in the US presidential election in November of this year, Trump is expecting a legal blockade from the constitutional courts of Colorado and Maine and the Supreme Court for his participation in the upcoming elections.

But, Robert Kaplan says in one Article in the Washington Post On November 30, 2023, way to go Dictatorship In America – according to Nick Cave – every day gets shorter. Since then, the results of that report have been undermined Supreme Courts In Colorado Inside Maine. The Colorado case goes mostly to the conservative party Constitutional Court Coming from the Federation.

Now the caucuses have taken place in Iowa, which Trump won very comfortably. According to Edison Research Quoted Reuters news agency, Trump received 51%, DeSantis 21% and Haley 19% in the Iowa caucuses. There was earlier hope that Democrat Nikki Haley, the least phony of the three contenders, would come in second. not like that. It's a victory for Trump, who boosts his ego as 'The Donald' who cares little about truth and democracy and his supporters.

Kagan says in the above article that we have been living in a self-deceiving world full of imaginary possibilities for months. 'But the phase of magical thinking seems to be over,” he concludes.

Trump has an unusual dual advantage over incumbent President Joe Biden, who is running for re-election. Trump can describe himself as an outsider challenging power and he can describe himself as an experienced president between 2016 and 2020. Let's hope Kaplan is proven wrong and Trump doesn't win. But that belief can only be a ritual mantra.

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More information at Kaplan Article in the Washington Post On November 30, 2023

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