Solar Magazine – Kutami Develops 500 MW Peak PV Projects for Scale Microgrids in US

Solar Magazine – Kutami Develops 500 MW Peak PV Projects for Scale Microgrids in US

Scale Microgrids has signed an agreement with Kutami to buy 500 MW of peak solar and energy storage projects. Programs are located in several states, including California and New York.

Gutami, founded in the Netherlands in 2006, will develop community solar projects on behalf of Scale Microkids. The two companies build on an existing collaboration of 100 MW of peak PV projects in New York State.

80,000 houses
Scale MicroKits has a portfolio capable of powering more than 80,000 homes and small businesses in the United States.

“As 2024 begins, we're excited to announce that our business continues to grow rapidly,” said Ryan Goodman, Managing Director of Scale MicroKids. “Community solar is a priority for us both because of its content and its ability to provide more options for our microgrid customers. Community solar is a great option for people who rent, can't afford solar, or can't install rooftop solar panels because their home isn't suitable for it.

Inflation Act
“We are delighted to close this second agreement with Scale,” says Gerben Beck, Managing Director of Kutami. 'After our initial success in New York, we were able to expand to other states. Faster decision-making processes by local governments – including the Inflation Reduction Act – along with clear legislative frameworks and a well-functioning legal system are helping to accelerate our growth in community solar in the United States.

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