Is it all a dream?

Is it all a dream?

TV series Atlanta Farewell in style. We can’t come up with a better definition. That’s not bad either.

George Belgers

oath: Twin Peaks With rappers. He said that AtlantaIn 2016, creator Donald Glover said in interviews about the first episodes of the television series that he framed black culture, black culture. Disruption is the best definition of genius Atlanta Not really happened in recent years. Not even now, after the fourth and final season of the series can be seen on Disney+ in the Netherlands.

Glover bids farewell in style to one of the most unusual TV series in recent years. Special because Atlanta It was very difficult to explain until the end. Yes, there was a plot about Darius, Ern and Vanessa and rapper Alfred/Paper Boy – but not again – slowly building his hip-hop career.

But more than the plot Atlanta A series of snapshots of what it’s like to be black in white America. A part of cultural criticism that focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on how white America views black America. But how does black America see itself? Atlanta He didn’t shy away from self-mockery, and focused on the perspective of ‘CultureOften enough in that culture itself. Earn and Darius’ search for a pair of desirable Nike sneakers becomes evident, or so the chapter Work ethic!In which Vanessa and her daughter get lost filming for a black sitcom.

So it was cut Atlanta Sometimes with a blunt axe, other times the metaphors are more subtle. Sometimes metaphors, if they stand for anything, are simply incomprehensible.

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A normal family

Again, the season features obscure, hard-to-understand (but always entertaining) episodes like the opening. In which Darius, always in ultimate Zen status, wants to return a deep fryer while the store is being looted around him. Why? No idea. Or in a later episode, the metaphysical waiting room hopes to add Ern D’Angelo to his stable of performers.

There’s also an almost heartbreaking ‘Normal’ episode in which Ern and his ex Vanessa are on a camping trip with their birthday daughter. In which both promise to finally become a normal family. The plot will work for a moment, and a beautiful sunset dawn will appear to earn brood.

In an episode set outside Atlanta, young daughter Lottie, Vanessa and Earn.Film Disney+ / FX

The series has already clearly set its final course. Because, like Earn, Alfred gets his farewell episode when he’s withdrawn in nature and comes into his own. Much of the fourth season was devoted to this impromptu farewell. It’s already clear that Alfred, the rapper Paperboy, tried to sell his mixes in the first season. In the previous season Toured Europe as an established artist, now past his prime. The kids no longer recognize him, and we see Alfred like any other black artist Young white avatar Takes a young white artist – with them a chance to win a Grammy.

The viewer is wrong

A blunt axe, that’s right. That Atlanta Often used, especially in the third, mixed season. But each episode manages to surprise the viewer again in a misleading way. Sometimes the series doesn’t want to say anything, often leaving the audience with meaning’.Culture‘ (especially white audiences in Europe) escaped, but still often the series made you think. There was such a series Atlanta.

And the dreamy Darius, often stoned and completely torn between storylines? He bids farewell in a fitting, ambiguous final chapter. Maybe it was a dream. That would explain a lot.

The fourth season of Atlanta, along with the previous three, is now available in the Netherlands on Disney+.

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