With America's help, the Medembliker flour mill is no longer a 'pepper box'.

With America's help, the Medembliker flour mill is no longer a 'pepper box'.

The plant has been located in Westfries Omringdijk on the edge of Medemplik for about 34 years. An iconic location with a view of the IJsselmeer, Boulder and the city. “Who doesn't know? Turn right at the mill, they often say,” said miller Vijnand Bergaud earlier. But after 25 to 30 years, a plant needs to be restored. Mainly wooden parts are deteriorating and need to be replaced for safety reasons.

It happened September last year, when Remco Jonger's milling company removed parts from Westzon. Now they have been replaced – with some delay – and the plant is a plant again.

'Exciting and happy day'

Monday was an exciting day for John de Vries. He is a board member of the foundation behind the mill and was certainly present when the same mill was restored to its former glory. “But it was a memorable day. We were actually going to do it tomorrow, but because of the good weather we moved it forward a day. The plant can't use any air at this time.”

Looking back at the past few months. “They were serious. We've been working on this since September last year and there was a lot to do. Fortunately, we were able to do it financially with the help of some funds. We got half of the amount from the province. North Holland and contributions from various funds. From Google, even from America. They got a charity fund from the data centers that came to Wieringermeer. We got a good amount from there. We're happy with that.”

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