Texas Hearing on Ending Abortion Ban

Abortion change in US shocks many: ‘What a setback’

Repealing the national right to abortion was “a tragic mistake.” US President Joe Biden said in response to the destruction. A national right to abortion By the US Supreme Court.

US states can now decide for themselves how to regulate abortion. Biden said the result “puts women’s health and lives at risk” and is being done in the name of “radical ideology.” He also said the court has stripped many Americans of a “fundamental” constitutional right. The president said women who live in states that ban abortions can always travel to states that allow abortions. .

United States abortion reform draws international criticism

Not only criticized the US president. Internationally, there has been a huge negative reaction to the US Supreme Court’s decision to remove the constitutional right to abortion. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a “huge setback” and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of “terrible news” from the United States. French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that he stands in solidarity with women and that their freedom must be protected.

Some US states banned abortion yesterday. The conservative state of Missouri was the first to do so. That happened two hours after the Supreme Court ruling that brought about abortion reform.

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First states already ban abortion

“Missouri becomes first in nation to effectively end abortion,” Attorney General Eric Schmidt tweeted. “It’s a monumental day for the sanctity of life.”

Missouri won’t be the last. South Dakota and Indiana have also announced measures to do so, and abortion providers in Wisconsin say the practice is now banned. The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the constitutional right to abortion gives all 50 states the freedom to ban the practice.

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Abortion change in US shocks many: ‘What a setback’

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