Watch the solar eclipse live in the US “It starts around 5:45 PM”

Watch the solar eclipse live in the US “It starts around 5:45 PM”

Residents of Mexico, the United States and Canada will be able to see a spectacular total solar eclipse on Monday. The eclipse will reach the mainland at 8:07pm Dutch time. The Moon positions itself between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight and darkening the sky for several minutes. Unfortunately, the eclipse will not be visible in the Netherlands.

The eclipse will begin at 5:45 pm Dutch time, but at this point there will be little noticeable. Then the moon's shadow falls on the Pacific Ocean. At 8:07 pm Dutch time, the eclipse reaches land and the sun disappears on the west coast of Mexico.

About America

The shadow will then move across America, where cities like Dallas, Indianapolis and Montreal will be plunged into darkness. A total solar eclipse can also be seen in Canada.

The total solar eclipse ends over the Atlantic Ocean at 9:55 PM Dutch time. There will be another solar eclipse later this year on October 2, but it will only be visible in southern Chile and Argentina.


The last time a total solar eclipse was observed in the Netherlands was a few centuries ago, in May 1715. The next time we can enjoy this event in our country is in October 2135.

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