Will Hamilton and Verstappen clash in the US?  ‘He wants to graduate soon’

Will Hamilton and Verstappen clash in the US? ‘He wants to graduate soon’

In the US, Louis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will start from the first row tonight. It was close to Red Bull Racing with two cars, the P1 and P2, but Sergio Perez did not finish second on the stage. Jensen Button expects the Mexican to be able to play a role, but eyes will be on the two title rivals.

The times they were in the front row together and there was a little bit at the start of the race, Max was always inside. This time Louise will be there, so I expect he’s going to try. This will definitely be interesting because Seko can also play a role. Of course there will be a slipstream towards the first corner, which will be enough to cross Louise“, Explains the former world champion Sky Sports.

Attack in the early stages

The first corner in Austin will be the most important. It will be difficult to get to the first lap without damaging the upward and twenty drivers. So, Button thinks the best teams want to survive in the first round first and make their possible blow in the following rounds.

Hamilton hopes to stay close in the first round. The slipstream is very strong here and we saw their speed straight away. He will really try to get over it quickly because once you get to a rhythm it is very difficult to get over it.Said Button.

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