Why was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest sci-fi movie delayed for 4 years?

Why was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest sci-fi movie delayed for 4 years?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered one of the greatest action heroes in the history of cinema thanks to his roles in films such as The situation or the end, predator, Commando And much more. We haven’t seen the actor in a movie in four years, but he’s long since filmed a new action movie: Kung Fury 2. Why is this movie taking so long?

The short film was published in 2015 Kong Fury Director and star David Sandberg on YouTube. It was a huge success and a sequel in the form of a feature film was soon announced.

Kong Fury 2
Kong Fury It was a modern homage to 80s action movies. It follows Detective Kung Fury, a Miami detective who possesses a new, powerful form of kung fu after being struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra, thus becoming “The Chosen One.”

He goes back in time with his partner, the Triceratops, to kill Adolf Hitler. This sounds silly, of course, but that’s the point. The original short film has been viewed nearly forty million times.

In 2018 it was announced that Sandberg could make a sequel to his short film in the form of a feature film. He immediately signed top talents such as Schwarzenegger, Michael Fassbender and Eiza Gonzalez, but the latter was later replaced by Alexandra Shipp.

We last saw Schwarzenegger floundering finisher-tracking Terminator Dark Fate In 2019. Kong Fury 2 It was recorded in four months of the same year, but has not yet been released. Schwarzenegger played the President of the United States.

A tight case
In September 2020, it was revealed that the producers had filed a lawsuit against Chinese financier Creasun Entertainment for breach of contract. The company never delivered the promised $10 million.

This was a third of the estimated budget Kong Fury 2, and most of it will go to post-production/visual effects. This lawsuit – and the pandemic – appear to be the main reason for the long delay of part two. We may find out more next year.

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