Efteling Villa Volta music in the mix: Showtek accused of plagiarism

Efteling Villa Volta music in the mix: Showtek accused of plagiarism

Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, better known as DJ duo Showtek, can expect a call from Efteling. In their new dance song Shine, they use a tune that sounds very similar to Villa Volta. However, the world-famous DJs from Eindhoven did not ask for permission.

The song starts off with innocent beats, but after a minute and 20 seconds a melody emerges that will be very familiar to Efteling fans.

On YouTube, where the song was posted last week, many fans reacted with surprise. “These people used Villa Volta and thought we wouldn’t notice,” one person wrote. Others talk about theft and plagiarism and say that the author of “Efteling” should be mentioned.

An Efteling spokesperson told Omroep Brabant: “We were not aware of this and are still figuring out what exactly we want to do with this. In principle, it is not the intention for our music to be used without permission.”

“We will not initiate a lawsuit immediately, but we will contact the artists first,” the amusement park says.

The late composer
The music of Villa Volta was composed by composer Ruud Boss (87 years old), who passed away this year. He wrote the music for Droomvlucht, Fata Morgana and Villa Volta. He wrote several pieces of music for the different rooms in the attraction.

In the credits of Showtek’s song, Bos is not mentioned anywhere, nor is Efteling mentioned.

Ironically, six years ago, Shotik herself accused an artist of plagiarism because he used a sample of an Eindhoven duo’s song in his single without permission. “There is a difference between inspiration and imitation, and that is simply hopeless and uncreative,” Sjoerd Janssen said at the time. v. m.

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It is unknown if Showtek was also inspired by Villa Volta. Their manager and spokesperson did not immediately answer Omroep Brabant’s questions.

Compare for yourself: The new issue of Showtech…

…and the music of Villa Volta.

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