Thousands of Hong Kong residents wish to become British citizens

Thousands of Hong Kong residents wish to become British citizens

The United Kingdom made it possible for Hong Kong residents to become British citizens in January. This was decided in response to the National Security Act that the Chinese regime had introduced in Hong Kong. The law, enacted after mass protests in Hong Kong, gives authorities more options to engage with activists.

Security Act

The United Kingdom, the former colony of Hong Kong, transferred the Crown Colony to China in 1999. It was agreed that China adheres to the principle of “one country, two systems” and not to interfere with the free market economy, the democratic system and the independent judiciary in Hong Kong.

With the new security law, Beijing has ignored that agreement, according to critics.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised last year to give people with British passports in Hong Kong a pathway to acquire British citizenship, allowing them to settle in the UK.

China measure

After that, China decided not to recognize these foreign passports as a legal travel document or as a document to identify itself with them. Also, Chinese consulates no longer assist Hong Kong citizens if they also have a different nationality.

Since the enactment of the National Security Act in Hong Kong, more and more Hong Kong residents want to leave the city. The number of people moving from Hong Kong to Taiwan nearly doubled last year. About 11,000 people took part, the highest number in at least thirty years.

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