Why does something always have to go wrong?

Why does something always have to go wrong?

Maud and Geo had a big fight over wedding money. Gio had saved a lot of money with his deceased girlfriend and it was her wish to use it if he got married. Gio was gone half the night. The next morning he went out early with Liam and left a message for Maud.

The message moves me from head to toe. It seems as if Gio and I have skipped a whole chapter in our relationship. Of course, Leia was often discussed, but I always had the feeling that Gio had dealt with grief. Only now do I realize that this is complete nonsense. It hasn't even been five years!

“It would be easy if I could share my fears and fears with you. But sometimes I don't know it myself. I would like to tell you what's on my mind, Maud, but I can't. I don't want to be sad and I don't want to make you sad. But sadness comes to me and I don't know what should I do with it..

Roll of tears

Tears are streaming down my cheeks and I think I've been sitting on the kitchen chair in my pajamas for half an hour. With the cheese roll next to me, of course I couldn't get a bite down my throat. The doorbell startles me and I quickly open it. It's one of the Christmas gifts I asked for Liam. When I look in the mirror, my head scares me. My eyes are bright red and my hair is all over the place. I decided to go for a run, I need to clear my head.

While running, I realized that therapy might help Geo. But of course he has to want it himself. When I come back from jogging, Gio and Liam are already home. Liam starts waving when he sees me. His cute face makes me melt. Then Gio gave me a big, tight hug. “It'll be okay, I'm here for you,” she whispered into his ear.

I can tell from Jio's look that he doesn't want to talk about it right now. But that same evening we had a deep conversation in bed. Gio apologizes, but I explain to him that he doesn't have to. I'm actually “glad” he was finally able to talk about it. He told him about the treatment and indicated that he would think about it.
The rest of the week is all about Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas! Liam's first birthday is. I finished the week with a Christmas drink in the editorial office. Then Kimberly and I went into town and I don't know how, but I didn't get to bed until 4am.

The next day I did some Christmas shopping with my broken head and of course I wasn't the only one. Geo did all the shopping and I was the gifts and decorations team. The three of us spent Christmas Eve eating a delicious old-fashioned meal. Liam went to bed early and then Gio unpacked his Christmas parcel.

Sexual desire is up

Since I stopped breastfeeding, my libido is higher than ever. I bought a sexy red lingerie set and we had a great time on Christmas Eve. It seems like I'm starting to feel more and more like myself.

Gio certainly didn't want to drive cross country which is why we chose to celebrate Christmas Day at our house. Yes, Christmas Eve with my mother and Willem, my father and Patricia, my brother and Gio's mother. Everyone brought something to eat and we raffled off lots of gifts.

But ten minutes before everyone shows up, we discover that we forgot to buy Geo's mother a gift. I know my mother-in-law will definitely not like this. Gio pulled it out, but I was going to ask her for a gift and completely forgot about it. Where will we conjure a gift in 10 minutes? “Why does something always have to go wrong?”

Maude (24 years old) loves parties and travelling. She works in the editorial office of a magazine. Maud is in a relationship with Gio and has just given birth to their son, Liam. You can read about her adventures every week in a new episode of Maud's Night Book.

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