Why do cats make a clicking sound when they see a bird?

Why do cats make a clicking sound when they see a bird?

The fact that seeing those “cracked cats” is so funny is also evident from the number of followers of the Instagram account @ekekekkekkek. The account, which shares videos of cats barking and squeaking almost every day, is followed by more than a million people.

Cats squeak, bark and bleat

As soon as a cat sees prey (whether it is inaccessible or not), most cats begin to “chat” or “bleat,” also called croaking. The cat has its prey in sight, but the delicious snack is (still) out of reach. Because of this unattainable aspect, it is often thought to be a combination of hunting instinct and frustration. For example, when a cat sees a bird outside, but inside it is sitting behind the window. Or when the bird sits high in the tree where the cat cannot reach it easily. A cat shakes the corners of its mouth back and often chatters its teeth and throat, causing a clicking sound.

Why do cats make such a squeaking noise?

The exact meaning of this behavior is not yet completely clear, but the manufacturer of cat and dog food Royal Canin He writes that the associated tail wagging phenomenon is an expression of growing tension. The cat and dog food manufacturer also writes that observations of wild cats, such as jaguars and pumas, have previously shown that they imitate the sounds of their prey to attract them. Whether a similar hunting strategy also applies to ordinary domestic cats has not yet been proven or formally investigated.

Cat behavior expert Lisbeth Potts He was curious himself and did it research to this behavior. She concluded that it had nothing to do with “frustration that the cat can't reach it.” According to her, the most likely explanation is that it is simply excitement at the sight of prey, partly due to the rustling of the tail. “Or perhaps it is an involuntary response, a physiological reaction of the body to a particular stimulus.” But it is certain that this natural behavior is linked to the cat's hunting instinct.

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