Why are Americans only now allowed to import the Fiat Multipla?

Why are Americans only now allowed to import the Fiat Multipla?

You can think what you want about the Fiat Multipla, but you have to admit that it’s an infusion of automotive history. If only it were a perennial hobby. So, it’s a pity for those living in the US – although they can laugh via the Internet – that they had to miss out on the Fiat Multipla. Until this year, at least.

To protect the local economy, Americans are not allowed to import cars under 25 years old. For example, residents have to buy their cars from local dealers instead of getting them cheaper at the border. But if the cars are over a quarter of a century old, they can cross the border freely. Fiat Multipla also turns 25 this year. By the way, congratulations.

Unfortunately, the Fiat Multipla’s silver anniversary comes a few years late. Earlier we brought you the annoying news that the wayward MPV is dying out. It is very rare for sale in the Netherlands before the facelift and abroad you will have to look hard to get a good copy. If you’re trying to get one to the US, you’re going to want something sleek.

In Italy you can still pass older people because you see them driving a lot there. Check it out while you’re there. Most of them have been used purely as functional objects, like another car’s bumper serving as a parking sensor. On the other hand: you can put some effort into finding the perfect cult car to bring to America.

Good business idea?

If you can collect a bunch of Fiat Multiplas, you can set up a good company in America. Rest assured that there are plenty of crazy people willing to rent something like this from you for a day because of its internet popularity. Maybe if it’s a worn-out diesel, it’s particularly special on that side of the world. Looking forward to the commission.

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