Where is the white smoke in the US-Iran nuclear deal?

Where is the white smoke in the US-Iran nuclear deal?

Despite months of negotiations, Iran and the United States have not yet taken concrete steps to renew the 2015 nuclear deal. After a short Christmas break, the nations have returned to the negotiating table in Vienna since this week.

The pressure is on as former President Donald Trump pulls out of the old deal in 2018. ‘For tactical reasons, Iran continues to develop its nuclear program. They have gone beyond the scope of the agreement. They are also doing this to exert political pressure on Europe, ”explains foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg.

The United States and Europe hope that Iran will reaffirm its nuclear deal. But according to Iran, Hummelberg says it’s not about that. “It’s about sanctions for them. Iran says we do not have an agreement until the Americans plan to end the sanctions introduced by Trump.

Logistics limitations

From a logistics point of view, it is also difficult to make a deal. Iran refuses to sit in room with Americans. So they are in different buildings, they are replaced by intermediaries, ‘says Hummelberg. The United States and Iran do not speak directly. Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China mediate under the President of the European Union. France and Germany have warned that time is running out. According to Blinken, if not progressed quickly, the deal will become an ’empty shell’.

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