Hairdresser William D. Ryder travels to the United States: "I want to live close to my grandchildren"

Hairdresser William D. Ryder travels to the United States: “I want to live close to my grandchildren”

In celebration of the New Year, William D. Ryder, a hairdresser from Brooks, travels permanently to the American city of Houston. Nearly half a century later, a Bruges resident who trained thousands of hairdressers at his academy left his salon in Smedenstroot to ‘Crown Princess’ Charlotte de Vries.

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“My three brothers and I received our hairdressing skills from our mother, Margareta Verhofstadt. When we were kids, he already ran a hairdresser’s shop at our parents’ house in Die Lane, “says William D. Rider (65). , To be released from my father to start his own salon. At that time the wife of a civil servant, my father a gender, was not allowed to work. ” Fight “I had to ‘fight’ with my dad to become a hairdresser. Both parents’ brothers had already chosen the profession, and my father wanted me to continue my studies and study accounting, but I had the desire to cut myself off. ) After graduation, I started a internship at my mom’s reception. I have fond memories of VHSI. Was it a surprise when I first met my wife Martin Schulert at my mom’s salon? She was training with the Maricolan sisters and looking for work. Well, she’s got a job and a husband! R and Olivier and two grandchildren, Benjamin and Elias. I have been a hairdresser for almost half a century now and you will not last long without interest. Without my children and grandchildren living in the United States, I would have continued. ” Without passion, you can not last half a century. ”Both of our university-educated children are successful entrepreneurs in the United States. Alexander is a computer engineer and Olivier is the CEO of a media company as a cynologist. They have the work ethic of the De Rider family, they are hard workers from West Flanders, they are now reaping the fruits of their hard work. My sons live in Houston and we move to the United States permanently to be closer with our children and grandchildren. “” It’s emotionally hard for Martin and me because we both have Bruges in our family. We have already shed a lot of tears. But I keep my promise and will not leave my clients orphaned. I’m going to close the door behind me on January 1, 2022, but De Reader does not end with my story. Because Charlotte de Vries, who has been working with us for fifteen years, takes over the company with twelve hairdressers. Our team has contributed to writing the success story of the salon and the academy. When I married Martin in 1979, I co-founded a hairdressing academy with my brother Noel. We have trained thousands of hairdressers in a room in Brambergstratt behind our former salon. We moved to Smedenstrait five years ago. “” Our academy was an international success. We have trained hairdressers from Estonia, USA, Germany and Japan. We taught them the latest techniques and our collections appeared in many fashion magazines. This earned us international fashion awards and we were allowed to pair mannequins at fashion shows in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Montreal and Toronto. Coiffure Mondial, the Rotary of Hairstyles, Knight to Me too! Did you know that I discovered Cilou Annys: I introduced her to Nikki Vanquets as a 15-year-old girl, and then she became a well-known model and Miss Belgium. I miss my grandchildren. I feel like a blessed man: I can leave a prosperous salon, be healthy and go to America with the love of my life! No, I will never open a new salon there! I speak English fluently and I think there are some prejudices against Americans. I have seen America change after 9/11, but they are still a very hospitable people. I do not agree with those who say that Americans are shallow. America is not an earthly paradise, but the Americans show great solidarity, as you can see from the many relief efforts after a recent hurricane passed. They cannot all be brushed off with a single brush. It’s the best country to make your dreams come true. “” I miss my clients because you’re a psychologist, even a hairdresser. A hairdresser takes care of people, which is important at a time when so much fear and panic is planted. For many, going to the hairdresser is the moment when they get out of loneliness. This is a social event. I felt it clearly when the lock was dropped. Customers were very happy to be back. Who was William de Rider? Private Born April 7, 1956 in Allst. He has lived in Brooks since he was four. He has three brothers: Jack, Noel and Mark. Married Martine Schoolaert. Father of Alexander and Oliver. Grandfather of Benjamin and Elias. Moves to Houston, USA on January 1, 2022. Studied professionally at de Freres and Free Trade Institute. At the age of sixteen her mother Margaret ‘Margaret’ trained as a hairdresser at Verhofstadt’s salon. Ballroom and Latin dance. Eat well.

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