Weather forecast Heavy cloudy day accompanied by drizzle | Science and the planet

Troubles will mainly pass to the north of our country in the coming days. As a result, there will be some light rain that will fall mainly in the north and east.

Today, a thick cloud cover dominates our skies. Only in the west of the country does the sun shine occasionally and it remains dry. Elsewhere, some rain or light rain is possible. Maximums fluctuate between 5°C and 11°C. Moderate to strong westerly winds blow at times.

Tonight and tonight there will still be some light rain in the south of the country. Elsewhere, it is dry and disappearing from the west. Minimum drop to 3°C to 8°C. There is still a moderate south westerly wind.

Tomorrow will also be a cloudy day with some drizzle. In the Ardennes, low clouds can limit visibility. Only at sea a clearing appears now and then. The temperature rises to 5°C to 11°C. Moderate westerly winds, reaching speeds of 50 km/h, will blow on the coast.

The weekend will start on Saturday with a lot of clouds and some rain over the east of the country. The extremes fluctuate between 6°C and 10°C. On Sunday, the precipitation zone will leave our country across the south in the morning. Then it disappears and becomes dry. In the west and center, these are also large spaces. Cool slightly to 4°C to 8°C.

The sun and clouds will alternate next week, it will still be dry, but the temperature will drop again.

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