Volledig digitaal Ocean netwerk lives in Westfield Mall in the Netherlands and Westfield Mall in the Netherlands

Volledig digitaal Ocean netwerk lives in Westfield Mall in the Netherlands and Westfield Mall in the Netherlands

Ocean is proud to announce the operation of its full network of digital screens in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands. Westfield Mall of the Netherlands has opened its doors and with these 49 digital screens it is being broadcast officially.

Last week, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands opened a brand new experience, a comprehensive, unique and innovative shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure destination in the heart of Randstad, Leidschendam. From brunch to shopping, from movies to extensive dining, the experience is central to this mall. This 117,000-square-meter “four-star service” brand new and fully covered mall houses 280 stores in addition to a massive cinema, bowling, Gamestate Arcade and Instagram Youseu Museum.

A complete network of digital Ocean displays can be found in and around Westfield Mall in the Netherlands. On the way to the outside car park, there is the eye-catching digital “entrance” of 18 square meters.
You will find 22 numeric characters scattered throughout the mall (17 inside and 5 outside). On both sides of the totems there is a digital full-motion screen of 2 m². Multiple touch points with consumers are guaranteed using this network.

The most famous show is “Carousel”, the only one of its kind in the Netherlands. It’s a gorgeous double-sided screen of 17m2 that hangs from the ceiling and spins slowly. This full motion rotary screen is located in the center of the center square and contributes to the unique consumer experience.

In addition, there are two distinct types of large digital photos that catch the eye in the mall: a “large landscape” of 20 square meters and a “large portrait” of 28 square meters, both of which can be perfectly used for innovative campaigns.
“Nobody needs to wonder what retail will look like in the future. One can experience that now that the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands has opened. No expense has been spared to turn shopping into a real experience. Ocean Outdoor is a proud partner of Westfield Mall of the Netherlands and will operate 49 distinct digital screens in the mall.
We offer advertisers an impressive and unprecedented network to reach interesting target groups. Additionally, Westfield will be pivotal to Ocean Outdoor’s digital innovation strategy. Several new (possibly interactive) media concepts will be launched from Westfield Mall of the Netherlands. We look forward to a beautiful continuation of the wonderful collaboration with Unibail Rodamco Westfield with the goal of making Westfield Mall of the Netherlands a hit together! – Xavier Tilman, Managing Director, Ocean Outdoor.

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“Quite different from other malls in the Netherlands, partly due to the arrival of different flagship stores, high-quality architecture, distinctive catering establishments, special events and a wide range of entertainment options. Experience and service are central to Westfield, so we sat around the table with Each retailer creates a unique experience inside the mall, ”says Thion Kwik, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands project manager

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