How did Erica Milland keep Sander a secret this long?

How did Erica Milland keep Sander a secret this long?

Earlier this week, Sander told RTL Boulevard that love isn’t too early anymore They have been together for six months. He can also say a little about it in terms of content, because the relationship will also be discussed Chateau Milland. But how did the lovebirds actually manage to keep their relationship a secret for so long? Because in the latest episode of the reality series about Meilandjes, you can see that the two are only dating outdoors.

“There were very few people who knew. Therefore, your chance of getting out is slim,” says new Dutch celebrity Sander on the podcast View news. “We’ve seen people with dogs – they recognized us – but it was all kept secret.” The detective also says that from the first moment he saw Erica on TV, he was turned upside down. And he also clicks Martin, with whom Erica is still married. Sander said, “It’s just like what’s on TV, so it’s just fun. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Surprisingly, crime reporter Peter R de Vries was one of the few who actually knew this relationship. They’ve known each other for so long and Sander didn’t think it would be good for Peter if he found out in the office on RTL Boulevard. He’s been hinting at the relationship on social media for quite some time now. According to Rob Goossens, he did everything until he was discovered.

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