The debate about Qatar is a farce: We have known that for at least five years

The debate about Qatar is a farce: We have known that for at least five years

The news that 6,500 workers died during stadium construction finally shook the Netherlands, eleven years later. However, it was useful to take action immediately after 2 December 2010, when there were immediately strong suspicions that the voting members of FIFA had been bribed.

This writer was already informed before the election that it was not England and the United States that would be the favorites of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, but Russia and Qatar. According to ‘Deep Throat’ at FIFA headquarters, everything was Already settled. That is why I indicated to British Radio BBC on the 1st of December that Russia and Qatar had been agreed upon and that disbelief had become my share.

Even after 24 hours it turned out to be correct. Immediately in America, the FBI got the green light to conduct a thorough election investigation, and then on December 3, 2015, evidence of bribes was presented, followed by the arrest and conviction of several FIFA executives.

So there has been irrefutable evidence for more than five years On the table is not only a boycott of Qatar, but above all, the declaration of nullification of the World Cup. Instead, FIFA took another step forward and decided, due to the heat of the summer, to hold the World Cup in the winter of 2022: Who From November 21 to December 18.

Likewise, the entire football calendar has been turned upside down in favor of a crime.

For years everyone looked the other way

Once again, national unions, including KNVB, allowed this to happen. After two seasons affected by Corona, the green light will be in 2022 to cut off both national and international competitions (UEFA Champions League!) For the third time in a row. Now we have to wait and see to what extent the Spanish and English big clubs will accept this.

While everyone has looked the other way for years, it is the turn of footballers. Treat with an education that they must take action. Meanwhile, questions were raised in the House of Representatives. As if the time is not yet ripe for the government itself to come up with guidance, as is the case with Covid 19.

For example, using the following criteria:

Yellow code: There is no national position and the sport is free to make the decision.

Orange codeThe Hague offers a kind of passive travel advice, where the sport is made thinking and they can assess the risks themselves.

Red codeComprehensive boycott. Not only binding for sports, but also business, entertainment, travel, etc.

Meanwhile, the New Volt in Brussels could mobilize all member states, so that the red symbol applies to the entire European Union. A common European position whereby sport is part of politics, not symbolic politics.

But it is already too late. There is no yellow icon, no orange icon, no red icon. Eleven years later, there is absolutely nothing.

Jaap de Groot writes a weekly column on sports at Het Parool. Read all of his columns here.

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