The publisher will no longer publish Chris Cuomo’s next book

The publisher will no longer publish Chris Cuomo's next book

The publisher will no longer publish Chris Cuomo’s next book

After Chris Cuomo, 51, was fired from CNN earlier this week for his close involvement in the scandal surrounding his brother Andrew, the former governor of New York state, he has also been charged with sexual harassment. This was reason enough for HarperCollins Publishers to stop publishing Cuomo’s upcoming book, Deep Denial, which will be published in the fall of 2022. This E! reports! Newsletter.

In the book, Cuomo is said to provide an analysis of the harsh reality of the pandemic and what Donald Trump’s presidency has done for the United States. The news of the book’s cancellation comes a day after the former media personality announced that he will no longer host his radio show Let’s Get After It With Chris Cuomo on Sirius XM.

Chris Cuomo was one of CNN’s most prominent anchors. He helped his brother Andrew when he was charged with sexual harassment earlier this year and had to resign. It is said that Chris tried to use his contacts in the media to prepare Andrew and his team for the moment when the women came out with their accusations.

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