US Stallion Choice: Remington, EFF for riding days

US Stallion Choice: Remington, EFF for riding days

The American Stallion Examination Committee is busy with the first and second viewings. Piet Bergsma and Corrie Terpstra selected a three-year-old Remington, EFF (Mees 497 x Norbert 444) for their 2024 driving days.

Expansion of stallion selection to the United States

Two days after the final testing of the new KFPS stallions in Exlo, KFPS inspectors boarded the plane to put the young stallions in America through their first and second inspections. The expansion of the stallion selection process to the United States is new and aims to discover new stallion talent, perhaps from slightly different breeds.

Three driving days, two video days

The two-year-old Remington was bred and owned by Annette Carpenter. After completing these first two viewings, the stallion was given a ticket for driving days, provided he met the veterinary semen, caster and radiation requirements. The driving days presentation is recorded on video and evaluated by HKC. The third day of arrival will be the delivery time for the central exam. This centralized research will likely also be conducted in the United States, provided there is sufficient participation.

Lots of forward, easy movement

The premium Remington has a big nose, can be a little stronger on the top line and has a long range with desirable location, as Pete Bergsma and Corey Terpstra saw. “He has a fairly steep action in his back leg and is good quality with a good angle in his back leg,” says Pete Bergsma. “He moves easily and with great flexibility.”

Ebert’s half-brother

Remington is the fourth son of Marek van de Egberdenhoeve Steer Sport AA (Norbert 444 x Jasper 366). The 11-year-old mare has produced four offspring, with Ebert van de Egberdina Hoef Steer (Nane 492) sporting the name Ebert DVN becoming known for his talent with the harness. Marieke has also competed in the sport in the Netherlands, and in 2016 she placed second in the Pavo Friso Dressage Cup.

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