US media: Team USA outplayed by Holland

US media: Team USA outplayed by Holland

The United States was quite active in betting against the Netherlands, but they weren’t: the Orange won with a 3-1. It wasn’t very nice and many thought we were ‘denying’ the Dutch school with this counter ball. What do they find in the United States?

Newspaper The New York Times He writes: “It was a satisfactory result for the Netherlands. The country’s national coach said in advance that they still had 4 matches left. This indicates his ambitions.”

Then they let midfielder Tyler Adams do the talking: “We defended well in the group stage. But today, the three goals against us came at times when we were a little asleep.”

Washington Post He writes: “The Netherlands started the game as a top contender. They have more experience, a larger group of players, and a richer history. However, many felt the United States could do the trick.”

“In the initial phase it looked like this. The Americans set the tone in terms of possession, movement and pressure.” But then it was 1-0 in favor of the orange. “After that, the USA had more possession of the ball, but they lacked sharp passing in the final phase of the attacks.”

USA Today
USA Today He wasn’t a fan of the Yankees. “The US team still has a long way to go before they can secure a spot at the top of the world. The Dutch have outdone them.”

At the end the Dutch fans sang: ‘Na na na na, hi-hi, bye’.

The newspaper asserts that since 1990, Team USA has only won a knockout match in 2020.

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