US lifts visa requirements for Israelis

US lifts visa requirements for Israelis

The United States includes Israel in its Visa Waiver Program (VWP, or Visa Waver), which allows Israelis to visit the country without a visa. Washington DC is pleased with the progress made in making travel easier for Americans of Palestinian background, thus rewarding visa influx to Israel.

Two passports

Israelis can now stay in the US for up to 90 days without a visa. The US government’s decision was mutually motivated. The two countries had already signed a visa waiver agreement in July. Since then, every American, including US-Israeli citizens with dual passports and residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, has been allowed to enter Israel.

Netanyahu thanked him

Israeli citizens traveling to the United States without an entry visa are now eligible for entry. This is allowed because Americans of Palestinian background in the disputed territories of Israel no longer have to travel to the US through a third country. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was pleased with the move and thanked the US government.

Select a group

The United States has visa waivers in about forty countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium. Countries wishing to be added to the list must meet strict requirements such as good security checks and a working biometric passport. All EU countries, except Romania and Bulgaria, belong to the scheme. Other countries include Switzerland, Chile, Australia, Great Britain and Japan. Israel has now joined that panel.

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