'Ultra-fast camera' is now also used in Belgium to fight traffic violators |  the cars

‘Ultra-fast camera’ is now also used in Belgium to fight traffic violators | the cars

The first “ultra-fast camera” was used in Belgium. The device can fine 32 people at the same time for speeding, turning on the red light, calling or turning back. France has been using these columns for some time, which sees almost everything.

Eric Koenhoven

Belgium’s speed camera is located on the E411 near Beez and is currently only used to check if truck drivers are staying a sufficient distance, a Belgian police spokesman said. in a newspaper. The super flash has a range of up to 200 meters and can display cars on eight lanes simultaneously.

The speed camera is officially called Mista Fusion It is made in France. The device can measure speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour during the day and at night. In addition, the column records infractions such as driving through a red light, overtaking incorrectly, using a hard shoulder or holding a phone. The device can also detect if someone is passing through a traffic jam through the emergency lane.

It is still a testing period at the moment. Only after the evaluation of the test will it be determined whether more ultra-high-speed cameras will be added to the roads. In France, a speed camera has been used for a long time against traffic offenders. The plan was to put 400 copies of the Mista Fusion in Belgium this year. It is not known how many there are now.

Ultra Flash Pole Mista Fusion. © Mista Fusion / Idemia

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