Komediant Pres Juriaantje kocht valse vaccinatiekaart

Comedian Pres Juriaantje bought a vaccination card

The well-known Surinamese comedian Bryce Guriantje, whose real name is Cléon Guyanese, is one of the people who Bought a vaccination card. He is said to have paid €70 for a card stating that he was fully vaccinated. Remarkably, he actually invited people to be vaccinated.

The comedian could not be reached for comment. The investigation showed that he paid a conscript to qualify for a vaccination card, while he was not vaccinated. He was also going to get the vaccination, but he didn’t get the shot.

In this case it is Already arrested four suspects. It’s about the nurse Jean-Pierre D. (28) The Whitch brothers B. (26) Wiraj b. (24) and Kadoni c. (33). Witesh B. and Wiradj B. received amounts ranging from 40 to 50 euros per person. They recruited people near the injection point in Sana’a al-Badia and told people who did not want to be vaccinated that they could get a certificate of vaccination for a payment in euros.

After paying the required amount, these people were escorted to the crossing point by car in the beautiful Sana’a. There they passed the admission interview naturally. When it was their turn to prick, these people were taken care of by the nurse Jean-Pierre D.

In doing so, he pretended to administer the vaccine to people, but sprayed the medicine in the air or on the ground. After being observed, these customers left the venue with a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination.

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