Trump is said to be raising money for his private business from donors

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KONTAN.CO.ID – Washington. Former US President Donald Trump is said to have sent thousands of dollars raised from his donors to his private business following his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

The former president’s re-election campaign moved 8 2.8 million donors to the Trump organization, including at least 81,000 since Trump’s election defeat, according to Forbes, according to campaign finance reports submitted to the Federal Electoral Commission. .

One of his joint campaign fundraising groups, which works with Republicans, diverted $ 4.3 million from donors to the former president’s business, including $ 331,000 after election day.

A week after the media announced the election results of Joe Biden as the winner, a joint fundraising team paid nearly $ 300,000 for room, space and catering for his hotel.

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Nearly a month after Election Day, the campaign paid 38 38,000 to Trump Tower Commercial LLC, in which the former president holds shares in New York’s naming tower.

These cases reflect concerns among lawmakers and oversight committees about the former president’s personal affairs and his reliance on incumbent enrichment, public funds and his campaign to boost his private business.

He made more than 500 visits to his property during his tenure, 346 executive branch officers made 993 visits during his tenure, and at least 143 members of Congress made 361 visits to property owned by him, according to Citizens’ Ethics and Accountability in Washington.

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CREW found that his campaign and joint fundraising team with the RNC, in conjunction with Trump-affiliated Super PAC America First Action, spent more than $ 7 million on 32 events on assets owned by the former president.

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