Here is the story of Boyce Sorianata, a hotel waiter who was initially the chief technician of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company in the United States

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Boyce Sorianata is a master technician at Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Northern California, USA. – Bikers in the world, especially big motorcycle (moj) lovers are certainly not new to the Harley-Davidson (HD) brand.

With a beautiful look, the HD has truly become one of the dream motorcycles of Indonesian motorcyclists, even those who do not yet have it.

But you know, there are Indonesian sons who work at Harley-Davidson Motor Company (H-TMC) in Northern California, USA.

He was born in Boyce Suriyanata, Jakarta and is currently a Master Technician at H-TMC.

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But Boyce Sorianata, who completed his hospitality program in Bandung, West Java (Jaber), did not easily overcome that position.

“It all started when I decided to work as an employee at a one-star hotel in the United States,” Boyk told via video call.

Since he was not promoted, Boyce began searching for information about other possible jobs.

“A friend of mine accidentally told me why not work in the H-TMC factory,” the friendly man continued on Friday (05/02/2021).

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