Den Das stops by the new NOS Correspondent North America, de Vries

Den Das stops by the new NOS Correspondent North America, de Vries

Sjoerd den Daas became NOS correspondent for North America. The 37-year-old journalist is stepping down after nine years as a correspondent for China and the rest of East Asia, including five years at NOS. NOS announced this on Monday. Marieke de Vries, the current North America correspondent, is stepping down from this role.

Den Das will finish his current job in August and spend several months in the Netherlands after that. He will be succeeded by Laura Van Megan. Den Das’s first major assignment in the US will be covering the US presidential election in November. De Vries is still active as a reporter, meaning the two will “overlap in the first months,” according to a spokesperson. According to the spokesperson, it is not yet known if he will leave NOS or take on another responsibility.

“In recent years I have been able to report with great pleasure and passion from a fascinating region,” Den Das says of his transition. “It wasn’t always easy, but it was rarely boring, and that won’t be the case in America anytime soon.” Den Das considers it “a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to strengthen the experienced NOS team in Washington.”

“In recent years, Sjoerd has taken our audience into the fabric of Chinese society,” says Giselle van Gan, editor-in-chief of NOS News. “He has, at times with courage and tenacity, created human stories while providing insight into larger connections in the world. He takes that knowledge and experience with him to the United States, a country that — like China — is having a major impact on developments in the rest of the world.”

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