Trijn Wasn’t Diagnosed Until After 11 Years Of Pain: ‘Euthanasia Is My Way Out’

Trijn Wasn’t Diagnosed Until After 11 Years Of Pain: ‘Euthanasia Is My Way Out’

After a month of treatment, nothing has changed. “During the investigation, it turned out that what they had mistaken for Crohn’s was just a reaction to the medication. Another scan showed that my ovaries were slightly enlarged. The gynecologist performed a keyhole surgery and found that endometriosis is very mild. But according to the doctor, this cannot be the cause.” My intense pain.”

For years, the pain disappeared. “Up until now I felt like the doctors thought I was acting out. The severe pains are attributed to my cycle and hormones. At some point I was told to go to a psychiatrist and asked if my complaints might be caused by stress.”

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black comedy

For eleven years, Hidding lives from hospital to hospital. “During those eleven years I was admitted at least twice a year. Then the pain became so severe that it could only be treated in the hospital. I was sometimes in the doctor’s office three times a week. I kept it up all these years with a good dose of black humor.” One time my husband and I said when we came back to the doctor’s office, “Next time we’ll bring nuts and a bottle of wine, because that’s ours.” Dates in the evening Become.'”

So her pain had a major impact on Hidding’s private life. “I’ve always been working out since I was 14 and I had to stop at some point. It was so cruel. Plus, you don’t see my complaint outside either. It took my mother years to see what the pain was doing to me. She would visit me when I had a seizure. She screamed.” in pain, and she said, “Oh my God, this is really annoying.” And then I thought: If only you knew.”

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Over the years, Hidding has undergone many surgeries in the hopes that those surgeries will help. Her right ovary, fallopian tube, and gallbladder were removed, and a catheter was placed in her kidney. When she ends up in the hospital again in 2017, there will be a turn.

The doctor came to let me know that my stomach pain was due to the morphine. This would make me feel constipated. Then I freaked out and said again the pain was coming from my back. How could it be clogged? I can pinpoint exactly where the pain is. A neurologist who was familiar with ACNES was brought in. Almost immediately he said, “I know what you’ve got.”

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nerve disorder

Further investigation reveals that Hidding suffers from ACNES/LACNES/POCNES, a neurological disorder. Its ability to accurately locate pain points is one of the greatest indicators of disease. “I finally knew I wasn’t crazy, I didn’t make up for the pain,” she says. Acne is the most common form that occurs in the abdomen. LACNES by your side. The rarest form is POCNES, which is on your back. The acne is usually in the nerve branches, but in my case the disease is in the main nerve in my back. That’s why I have all three variants.”

I made several attempts to ease her pain. In 2018, I underwent surgery in which the nerve branches in my abdomen and sides were cut. During that process, my breathing stopped three times. In addition, most of the pain comes from my back, and the doctor thought the surgery was too risky. Another doctor was willing to try, but odds are the pain will only get worse. Then I had no life at all, and now I can do something to relieve the pain.”

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Declaration of euthanasia

Finally, in 2020, Hidding decided to release his euthanasia manifesto. “I had a bad period and wanted a way out. Right now, I don’t want to use the phrase yet, only if I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to get a hole in first that might help.”

The diagnosis still affects her life every day. “You always feel like you’re falling short. As a partner, as a mother, as a sister. Sometimes the illness is disabling, too. After a day at the amusement park I recover for three days. The most important thing right now is that my kids have enough active memories of me.”

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