Tremond Green swears, swears and sucks, but America enjoys his junk talk

Tremond Green swears, swears and sucks, but America enjoys his junk talk

In the fifth game against the Boston Celtics, referee Josh Diven was outraged by Tremond Green.Image AFP

Scolds. He is turbulent. He sucks. The leader of the competition is trying to get inside. When the match is over, he picks up the microphone at home to do it again. Welcome to the life of America-loving triple troublemaker Tremond Green.

In the NBA Final (3-2 against Boston Celtics, Thursday night to Friday night sixth – probably decisive – game waiting in Boston), Clay Thompson and Stephen Curry in general scored points for the Golden State Warriors, but people are talking about that player with big applause.

Oil in the fire

32 years old Mouse forward With three titles under his belt (2015, 2017 and 2018) – the spotlights of this top seven series he decided to focus on, though his game gives little reason to do so statistically. However, it is very easy to rate him in cold numbers, coach Steve Kerr knew for many years.

Green fuel for warriors’ fires. Co-Getter finished in the starting line-up in 2014 due to tournament injuries, which has since given Curry-like stars a booming impact. “He scores with his passion and enthusiasm. That passion sometimes boils down to being part of his game,” says Kerr. That energy should be in your team.

A successful coach is not the only one who can appreciate the qualities of greenery. LeBron James is also a fan of Stoker. Which team does he want to play for again, was recently asked by the Lakers on the HBO talk show Shop“The Warriors, so I can scream at Dreamond.”

According to experts, Green actually flies from the corner in all his excitement in the NBA Final. His record as an analyst on the DNT channel has already raised eyebrows. But the fact that he will review every match until the night for his own show is an unimaginable fact by many.

Free and Review

Tremond Green Show Podcast is a hit on the ground and is the most popular basketball podcast in the United States. Green has earned high marks through his episodes on YouTube.

After each game against the Celtics, Green releases a new session of twenty minutes to half an hour from home or in his hotel room. In it, he speaks freely and critically about his own team, his opponent, and his own performance and criticism of the audience in Boston (“very loud, really, they hate”).

With a microphone in front of him, he let out no one, not even himself (“Yeah, I played ridiculously bad, I’m fighting”). With such an open book, it needs some familiarity. Celtics training staff are said to be listening with undue interest to see the souls of the Warriors freely.

Some points

“This is 2022, this is all part of it,” says coach Kerr, who did not listen, but saw no danger on the podcast. However, Green is gaining a misunderstanding among experts. Former champion Isaiah Thomas blames him for not paying attention consistently, and ESPN journalist Stephen A. Smith could not understand why such a podcast was “a priority if you did not make enough points”.

Consensus among his critics: That podcast is distracting. “It really helps me, it strengthens my game,” Green insists, enjoying the chaos he causes. “It simply came to our notice then that we had to stop talking about it. Sorry if my podcast scores better than yours, you do not have to listen to me. But whether I win, lose, play well or play badly, and soon put that ring back on my finger (the winners of the NBA Final will get the championship ring, version): this podcast will continue to appear.

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