ADO goalkeeper Maaike van Klink chooses a football career in Florida

ADO goalkeeper Maaike van Klink chooses a football career in Florida

Mike Von Kling became the goalkeeper of the Florida International University football team in Miami. (Photo: Jerry van Beckel).

When you think of Florida, you see palm trees and white beaches, but that’s not the reason why ADO Den Hawk goalkeeper Maaike van Klink moved to the southeast coast of the United States. “America is the highest,” says Van Kling, “they are world champions, often winning the Olympics.”

Van Kling has been playing football all his life. As a seven-year-old girl, she became a member of Worsoden ’97. She soon found her place in the target. “I loved goalkeeping so much right now, other kids generally don’t like it. The first year I changed more, but soon I was always under the bar.

To present the award
Five years ago, Van Kling moved to ADO Den Hawk, where he signed a professional contract two years ago and started goalkeeping for the first team. Now she is leaving for the college team in Florida. “At ADO they give me this step.”

Watch the full interview with Sport071 presenter Gerry van Bakel with goalkeeper Maaike van Klink, who exchanged ADO The Hack for Miami, Florida:

Van Kling studied global affairs in the Netherlands and holds a master’s degree in that field in Miami. “I went to football and chose the university for it. Then I saw which master would fit better. That is what globalization and security has become. I did my miner there too. So it fits right in. A win-win situation.”

The desire to go to America had been with Van Kling for some time. “I know there are opportunities. I ‘ve seen it since high school. But then I got injured, I did not do it. But now I’m going to start my postgraduate studies, everything is working really well. I really want it.

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This transmission requires a large switch at Van Kling. “Everything is different. Here I still live at home, play in ADO, study at university. Soon everything will be in one place. The University is located in the heart of Miami. I’m going to share an apartment with some other players. And all on the other side of the ocean. My parents think this is a great opportunity. They say for sure: Go, go, go. “

With big stadiums and high expectations, college football for women is a serious business in the United States. Van Kling is confident he can capture his place on the team soon. “I talked to the coaches and they saw pictures of me. I do not think I should start from the bottom of the ladder. “

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