Timmy Simmons stars in The Masked Singer: the former PS player follows in the footsteps of Churandy Martina and Djibril Cisse | other sports

with videoRemember Timmy Simmons? The midfielder played no less than 218 matches for PSV between 2005 and 2010. The 46-year-old Belgian is good for 94 caps for the club. Red Devils, shone in a completely different way last weekend. Turns out he’s the “great light” on the TV show The Masked Singer. In doing so, he is following in the footsteps of many other athletes who have also shown their musical side.

In the Netherlands, The Masked Singer regularly attracts over two million viewers and the TV show is also popular abroad. The concept is simple: celebrities don a suit and perform anonymously in a musical show. It’s up to the jury (and viewers at home) to guess who’s hiding in the lawsuit. For Simmons, his participation in Belgium ended last weekend.

“Why did I say yes to take part in this? I still don’t know. It wasn’t usually out of my comfort zone,” said the former footballer, who is now a coach for Dunder. In addition to PSV, Simons also played for Lommel SK , Club Brugge and FC Nuremberg.It wasn’t until 2018, at the age of 41, that Simons stopped playing football.

But Simmons certainly isn’t the first athlete to participate in the singing program. See below an overview of some of the athletes who have also shown their musical side.

At the bottom of this article you will find all the photos of the participants.

Athlete Churandy Martina – Netherlands

Also in the Netherlands, a well-known person from the world of sports participated once: Churandy Martina. “I’m a person who doesn’t like attention. I want to do something quietly, but I knew a lot of people would watch. And they’d think I couldn’t sing. But I went for it anyway,” Martina looked back on his adventure as a dinosaur in the Dutch version of The Masked Singer.

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Anderlecht owner Mark Cook – Belgium

Another well-known player from the world of sports came into play in the Belgian version: Anderlecht owner Mark Cook as Colonel Mobbs. He sang Sweet Caroline: “If we had lost again in football, I really didn’t feel like practicing for this Sunday night. And then you think: Dear Caroline, you can go to hell,” he said after his reveal. Maybe we’ll see Utrecht owner Frans van Someren involved again sometime in the Netherlands?

American soccer player Rob Gronkowski – USA

Rob Gronkowski has won the Super Bowl four times and was happy to pull off a different crowd in 2020 with The Masked Singer. “Thank you to all my new fans,” he said afterwards on Instagram.

Cyclist Nairo Quintana – Colombia

The Masked Singer is also very popular in Colombia. So popular that a former Giro d’Italia and Vuelta España winner decided to take part: Nairo Quintana donned a chameleon suit. “I sweated more here than on the bike,” the Colombian said afterwards.

Figure skater Tony Hawk – USA

American Tony Hawk replaced the skate park with an elephant suit in The Masked Singer. To honor his wife, he sang “Friday I’m in Love”. The jury was stunned when it was revealed that Hook was wearing an elephant suit. Former cyclist Lance Armstrong, among others, was mentioned by the judges, but he was already the legendary figure skating champion.

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Football player Michael Owen – UK

Former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United footballer Michael Owen, among others, made it to Week 6 of the British Masked Singer last year. Some hints put the detectives and viewers on the right track. “My kids forced me to get involved,” Owen said. “I still can’t believe I made it past the first round.”

Football player Djibril Cisse – France

In France, too, The Masked Singer could not be ignored from the screen. In 2020, former soccer player Djibril Cisse participated. The former Liverpool forward, Olympique de Marseille and Lazio, among others, has always stood out for his stunning chest of hair, but this time he has hidden his hair with a skeleton suit. “I’m not good at singing,” he said humbly afterward.

Anderlecht owner, Mark Cook. © BELGA

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady.
Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady. ©AP

Nero Quintana.
Nero Quintana. © AFP

Tony Hawk.
Tony Hawk. © Fox

Michael Owen.
Michael Owen. © AFP

Gabriel Sissy.
Gabriel Sissy. © Reuters

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