Three American sisters found murdered in a neighbor's pond |  Abroad

Three American sisters found murdered in a neighbor’s pond | Abroad

A tragic family drama unfolded in the US state of Texas last weekend. Three sisters, ages 5, 8 and 9, were found dead in a pond on Saturday. The day before, the alarm was sounded after the nanny had lost sight of the girls.

Police were alerted to the alarming disappearance of Temari Oliver (5), Amiyah Hughes (8) and Zi’Ariel Oliver (9) around 11pm local time on Friday. A family friend was watching the three sisters that day while their mother (28 years old) was working elsewhere.

diving team

During the search, the shoes of one of the sisters were found near a pond not far from the parents’ house. Then a diving team was called and the children’s bodies were found in the water on Saturday.

“We have no idea what the girls were doing there,” Sheriff Larry Rowe said. Police were unable to determine whether the girls were swimming in the private pool located on an adjacent property. “It is not known if they are good swimmers or not. None of them wore a life jacket,” Al-Sharif said.

Investigators are still trying to find out the cause of the sisters’ deaths. It is not yet clear whether the girls drowned in the private pool. An autopsy will show that. It appears that “no one has been charged with anything yet”.


The mother of the dead girls has started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. “We ask for help to allow my dear angels to rest,” she wrote. “This was very unexpected and it was a huge pain and shock to myself and my family. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated.” The mother also writes grief on Facebook. “I want my children back. There are no words to express the pain I am in.”

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