Chinese Vlogger Shocked By Grilling And Eating Great White Shark, Police Begin Investigation |  Abroad

Chinese Vlogger Shocked By Grilling And Eating Great White Shark, Police Begin Investigation | Abroad

A famous Chinese influencer with millions of followers is facing years in prison after she posted a video on social media showing her roasting and then eating a great white shark. Great white sharks are becoming less common in the oceans and are therefore a protected species. Chinese police launched an investigation.

In the now-deleted video, Chinese vlogger Tizzy provocatively paints next to the two-meter-long fish to show she’s bigger than her. Then cut the shark in half and cook the head in a hot broth. “It may look tough, but the meat is really tender,” the vlogger laughed as he sliced ​​large chunks of grilled shark meat.

In China, the white shark is a protected species. Illegal possession is punishable by up to ten years in prison. The vlogger, who has nearly eight million followers on Chinese platforms Douyin and Kuaishou, denies any wrongdoing, saying that she “legally bought the 50-kilogram shark”. According to her, it will also be another shark that is not on the endangered species list. The Chinese police said in their response that it was indeed a great white shark.

‘he lost his mind’

Through the provocative video, Tizi risks severe punishment. According to Zhou Chucheng, head of the China Animal Rights Organization, the great white shark must be released into the sea immediately if caught, regardless of whether the animal is still alive or not. According to Chu Cheng, whoever brings it ashore to sell it or buy the animal at all is breaking the law. Whether the video blogger actually faces a year in prison should now become clear with further investigation. “If Tizi did not know she was a great white shark, her actions could not be considered a crime,” one of the lawyers told the Chinese newspaper. sing the news.

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On social media, the vlogger – known for her many cooking videos – has had to endure a torrent of backlash. “It is mind-boggling to see that an internet celebrity could eat a protected animal in broad daylight in front of millions of people!” It is one of many thousands of comments. Meanwhile, all vlog videos have been taken offline.


The number of sharks has fallen sharply in recent decades. In 2013, a group of scientists in South Africa concluded that the great white shark’s survival is more dangerous. They take into account that there are half as many great white sharks swimming around the world than previously thought. Overfishing is seen as the main cause of extinction. Shark fin is a delicacy in Asian cuisine.

Of all shark species, it is estimated that between 23 and 73 million are killed each year worldwide.

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