This World Cup was bigger than ever – a look back at the characters’ viewership, strong debutants and acceptance of homosexuality

This World Cup was bigger than ever – a look back at the characters’ viewership, strong debutants and acceptance of homosexuality

The World Cup ends on Sunday (kick-off at 12:00 Dutch time) with the final between Spain and England. For the fourth time in this tournament, Stadium Australia in Sydney will be sold out with 75,784 spectators. 1.77 million tickets were sold for the 64 matches in Australia and New Zealand. A four-part look at the biggest women’s sporting event of all time.

1. Inheritance

legacy 23, This is called a strategic plan Football Australia Made in the run-up to the World Cup. There was a great effort. In a country where rugby, cricket and Australian rules football have traditionally been the most popular, soccer has had to take off in such a way as to be the most practiced sport. And where the distribution between men and women is almost equal. It’s not far away yet. One in four of the 1.9 million footballers in Australia is a woman. The World Cup gave a huge boost to women’s football. The size of the legacy should become clear in the near future It’s real. and whether more money will be released for better facilities, so that the sport can develop and the Upper Portion become wider.

It was great to see families in the stands at Stadium Australia creating a unique football atmosphere without any controversy. He had a better advertisement for women’s soccer Matildas Unable to do in the last month. Swedish national coach Tony Gustafsson’s team has made Australian football crazy. The team’s success was so contagious that one record after another was broken. The semi-final between Australia and England drew 11.15 million Australian viewers: the most watched program since first measurements in 2001. This could be a record Matildas On Saturday when they face Sweden for third place in Brisbane. “We’re only at the beginning of our journey,” Gustafsson said. “I hope to be able here in ten or twenty years to determine that this was a decisive moment in the fight for equal facilities and wages.”

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In the other host country, New Zealand, everything was smaller. The opening match in front of 42,000 spectators in Auckland, where the home team won 1-0 against Norway, remained the highlight. Because they did not pass the group stage There was no noise. New Zealanders in particular witnessed the World Cup with pride and as the most devoted fans Matildas outside Australia.

2. Inclusion

Orange captain Sherida Spets played with the All-Band around her arm. Collectively selected from eight FIFA options. With the band with a special message, FIFA took it a step further: at the Men’s World Cup, it was one loveTires were still banned last year, on pain of a yellow card. Captain Virgil van Dijk was deterred by this.

Women’s football is way ahead when it comes to accepting homosexuality. Although there are still many accomplishments to be achieved here all over the world. For example, this is still a taboo within the Moroccan national team, as demonstrated when a journalist from BBC He was asked about the players’ sexual orientation during a press conference. A FIFA official asked the reporter to stop asking questions about this.

Jackie Groene (right) during the round of 16 against South Africa
Reuters Photo

It is generally known that a large number of foreigners from Orange are married to a woman or have a girlfriend as a partner. For example, midfielder Danielle van de Donk openly dreamed of a final match against Australia for her lover Ellie Carpenter, during the World Cup. I stayed out. But after eliminating the Orange in the quarter-finals against Spain, Van de Donk was in colours Matildas Seen in stands in Australia and France. Other internationals, such as ‘soccer mom’ Spites, speak freely about their wives at home during the World Cup. On the other hand, no one is surprised that Lake Martins plays Martins van Leer on the back after marrying former goalkeeper Benjamin Van Leer.

When it comes to inclusivity in terms of ‘origin’, there is still a huge gap in women’s football that needs to be filled with the men’s. With Lineth Beerensteyn, Esmee Brugts and Jacintha Weimar, Andries Jonker’s selection included three players with Surinamese the rootsBut other than that, Orange lacked talent with roots in other soccer countries, such as Morocco and Turkey. There is still a world to be won out there.

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3. Feminization around the world

There was a fear beforehand that 32 participants would be too many. Being the first in the eight finals was considered hopeless a priori. This fear turned out to be unfounded. Although Costa Rica, Vietnam, Haiti and Panama went home with zero points from three matches after the group stage, these nations almost always managed to put up a reasonable game. With Vietnam’s 7-0 defeat in Dunedin against the Dutch as a negative exception.

A number of countries less known for women’s football have even managed to reach the knockout stage with remarkably good football. Who would have thought that Morocco, Colombia, Nigeria, South Africa and Jamaica would overtake great powers like Germany and Brazil? And that the United States, winners of the previous two World Cups, should give way to the traditional European tournament in men’s soccer: England, Spain, France, the Netherlands and possibly Germany next time.

Not only does the World Cup promote women’s football in Australia and New Zealand, but it also contributes to the feminization of the sport around the world. National coach Sarina Wiegmann was the only woman off the bench in the last eight. The Netherlands will face England in their second World Cup final on Sunday and is seen as the best coach ever and a role model for other women. With twelve women among the 32 national coaches, soccer serves a guiding function for other sports. But steps can still be taken here, too.

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Support for the sport is increasingly growing internationally. For example, 53.9 million people watched the match between China and England. FIFA expects the World Cup to attract more than two billion viewers. This is a significant increase compared to nearly 1.2 billion four years ago. The World Cup raised 523 million euros, which FIFA tied with.

The KNVB hopes to be able to stage the biggest event in women’s sport in four years’ time with Germany and Belgium. The global development of women’s football is one of the main goals. As well as significantly lower flight movements for staff, players, officials, sponsors and fans compared to Australia and New Zealand.

4. A new and better generation

These were the touching words Marta spoke after Brazil’s unexpectedly early elimination. The best South American footballer is the epitome of a player who continued to fight for a professional career against all odds, and who had no examples of her own because there simply weren’t any. But the 37-year-old World Cup top scorer (women’s and men’s) has now become a symbol for a new generation of players in Brazil and beyond. “Now I go out into the street and people stop me, parents say to me:“ My daughter adores you, she wants to be like you, ”said proud Marta in a shocked voice.

For example, every country in the World Cup has its own “martas”. The successful orange generation of Spitse, Van de Donk, Martens and Groenen – European Championship winners in 2017, World Cup finalists in 2019, World Cup quarter-finalists – can be considered a group of pioneers. They were – and still are – examples of young talents such as Esmee Brugts and Wieke Kaptein, who made their debuts at this World Cup and are considered figureheads for a new, better educated generation.

Spanish Salma Baralelo After her decisive goal against the Netherlands.
Reuters Photo

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