Unique Sports Loan: Easier to test sports aid

Unique Sports Loan: Easier to test sports aid

Photo: Haarlem Municipality

From June 1, people with physical disabilities can more easily test sports aids. The Unique Sports Loan is a service to provide easier and faster access to a range of these resources. This makes it easy to tell if a sport is fun or appropriate.

The value of sports and exercise is great for people with a physical disability. This group lags behind in a number of areas. I’m thinking of:

  • This set meets the exercise guidelines often.
  • The risk of developing a chronic condition is greater.
  • The risk of social isolation is greater.
  • Few people from this group have a job.

What does the unique sports loan offer?
The player has quick access to a number of sports aids. He can test and see if the sport you are targeting is fun and appropriate. This prevents people from spending a lot of money, for example, on an unsuitable sports wheelchair. You can find aid at www.unieksporten.nl. You can also read there how to apply.

The municipality supports the unique sports lending
Uniek Sporten Uitleen is a service of the Disabled Sports Trust, which is supported in Haarlem by Sportsupport Kennemerland. It is funded by the Sports Convention. The municipality of Haarlem supports unique sports lending. This was announced at the Congressional Domestic Sports Convention on May 23, 2022.

Alderman Eva de Raadt is pleased that the Municipality of Haarlem has joined this initiative. “It is very important for all Harlem residents to be able to play the sport they like the most. We support the revitalization of Uniek Sporten Uitleen and want to make it easier for people with physical disabilities to exercise.”

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Would you like to learn more about the unique sports loan or modified sports offer in Harlem? Then contact the Modified Sports Coordinator at Sportsupport Kennemerland.

Pictured: Dennis van der Snoek (Adaptive Sports Coordinator at SportSupport) and Mchteld Hagwart (Workout at Helimarie) pose. Seated from left to right: Ilse Moerkerk-van Hooijdonk (wheelchair badminton member at Duinwijck), Jetze Plat (paralympic athlete) and Sandra Prins (handcycling member of ASC Olympia).

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