Joost Luiten has stopped playing golf for a while due to mental issues: 'There's more going on' |  other sports

Joost Luiten has stopped playing golf for a while due to mental issues: ‘There’s more going on’ | other sports

Joost Luiten will not be working at this time. The best Dutch golfer decided to take a break from the sport due to mental issues. Luten surrendered on Thursday at the Porsche European Open in Hamburg, one of the championships of the DP World Tour, after five holes.

,, Against the round a back injury was given as the cause. That seemed more convenient to me at the time, but the reality is different,” Luiten wrote on his website. “I’m just mentally unable to play better golf at the moment and don’t want to get around that.”

On the one hand, I regret being off the track in Germany, because I hate giving up. But I know it was the only right decision. I had to protect myself after three straight balls in the water. I was about to hit a tree with my hand so hard out of anger and frustration, fortunately I managed to contain myself and stopped in time.”


On the golf course, I haven’t been the Ghost Luten I want to be in a while

Luiten finds it difficult to describe why he has not been successful on the golf course and why he is standing there so reluctantly. “Off the golf course, I’m really enjoying it. I’m happy, I’m getting married in a few months and I’m looking forward to it. But on the golf course I haven’t been the Just Lutein I want to be in a while. Less performance doesn’t help, but there’s more to it.” I miss energy on the golf course, somehow I can’t move my head, I get frustrated very quickly. Maybe it’s kind of exhausted or it’s called golf depression.”

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He maintains that this temporary break does not mean the end of the 36-year-old’s golf career. , I’ve been hearing for a while about stories that Joost Luiten ended up with the best golf game, and I want to give it up. The opposite is true. I may be more excited than ever, just training hard to get back to the top. But mentally I’m in trouble with myself and this has been going on for some time. That’s why I’m taking a break from golf right now. Whether it’s two weeks, two months, or maybe more, I can’t say anything that makes sense at the moment.”

Just Lutein. © Jan Kwok | Boomerang Photography

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