This new Gmail feature can save you time

This new Gmail feature can save you time

An interesting new feature has appeared in the code of the Gmail application for Android. It looks like Google will soon be adding support for its Gemini chatbot to its email service app.

The Gmail Android app installation file says that there will be a button through which you can access the Google Gemini chatbot from Gmail. AndroidAuthority The button even works, although this functionality is not intended to be publicly available yet. With this AI assistant, you no longer need to read long emails yourself, but can request a summary.

More useful features

Furthermore, you can use AI to generate an email response, if you don’t want or have the time to do it yourself. Even a Shakespearean-style answer is possible. Of course you can also ask other questions about what exactly is in the email.

The web version of Gmail already has a similar Gemini button, but it currently only works for Google Workspace for business users. The feature in the Gmail app may eventually work for everyone.


The question is whether you want your emails to pass through all of Google’s servers again so that the AI ​​can tell you what the message is about. It may also be unwise to not read important emails yourself, but only have them summarized by an AI model that constantly provides incorrect information.

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