WhatsApp is improving calling functionality in a major update, and this is new

WhatsApp is improving calling functionality in a major update, and this is new

WhatsApp calling will get a number of improvements with the new update. In addition to improving audio and video quality, there are also new features that can come in handy during group chats.

WhatsApp He says Conversations via the app on smartphones receive enhanced noise and echo suppression. This is thanks to the introduction of the new MLow codec, which, according to parent company Meta, “improves connection reliability.” “The sound sounds clearer, even if you have a poor connection or are using an older device,” Mita said.

WhatsApp video calls also have higher resolution, if your connection is fast enough for that.

Audio Sharing and Speakerphone shown first

The new feature is that you can now also share audio when sharing your screen. This is useful if you’re watching videos together remotely. Another new feature lets you instantly see who’s talking. The speaker is then automatically highlighted and displayed first on the screen.

Plus, up to 32 people can now join calls across all your devices. 32 people has been the maximum allowed on mobile devices for some time, but on WhatsApp desktop apps the number has been lower so far.

Favorite post

Earlier this week, it emerged that WhatsApp is also rolling out a new Favorites filter for Android and iOS users. With this filter at the top of your chats, you can quickly jump into conversations with the people and groups that are most important to you.

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