This is Amal Clooney’s surprising (and healthy) breakfast.

This is Amal Clooney’s surprising (and healthy) breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One likes a brownie with cheese in the morning, while the other likes Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts or maybe just a shot of ginger. Amal Clooney also swears by a good breakfast, which is pretty surprising.

Why does Amal Clooney eat this healthy breakfast every morning?

If your ChatGPT chatbot — or some other form of artificial intelligence — were to ask you about your perfect woman, the answer would have to be Amal Clooney. She is personable, educated, intelligent, and committed to humanitarian causes. So it makes sense that I allow myself to be inspired by it. Preferably in all areas possible and also when it comes to good eating habits. When I read that the lawyer eats seaweed for breakfast (in the form of soup), I decided to investigate.

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That seaweed is a promising superfood is nothing new. This powerful green vegetable is rich in minerals and fiber, delicious and low in calories. Seaweed – a good substitute for traditional vegetables – has played an important role in Asian, especially Japanese, cuisine for thousands of years.

In Europe, we know seaweed mainly from the sushi we eat for lunch or dinner. But seaweed for breakfast? This will be new for many Europeans. Some may get used to it.

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This is how you prepare smoothie soup with seaweed

George Clooney’s wife doesn’t give interviews very often, but she did tell US Vogue about her favorite dishes, which are prepared every day for her and her husband by Italian private chef Viviana Friese. One of Amal’s culinary preferences is her breakfast of boiled eggs and seaweed soup. It may seem a little strange at first glance, but it is very popular in Asia.

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