These enchanting places are not to be missed during your journey through Central America

These enchanting places are not to be missed during your journey through Central America

A tour through Central America is akin to more nature, friendly people, beaches of paradise, colonial cities, volcanoes, an ancient culture and mouth-watering food. In addition to the many highlights, there are some pearls that are less well known: some of which we have selected.

Belize: Mukton in Octone Tunis

The Muqnal (also known as the ATM) in Actin Tunis is a ‘natural’ museum located in the Tabir Nature Reserve: a cave structure that stretches for several kilometers underground and is considered the gateway to the Mayan underworld or Gibelbase. Remains of pottery and human skeletons are still found on the walls, hence it is believed to be the site of the sacrificial rites, hence the name “buried cave”. The skeletons also feature images of a young Maya woman called the Crystal Virgin.

Costa Rica: Monteverde Newellwood

It is possible to walk among the clouds in the Monteverde Cloud Forest – these rainforests are often covered with wet fog. Here you will find thousands of plants, hundreds of bird species including hummingbirds and brightly colored quail. On the hiking trails you can explore the area on foot, but you can also go for spectacular ziplining or take a 2 hour walk between the treadmills on the suspension bridges. The nearby Santa Elena Cloud Forest is definitely worth a visit.

El Salvador: The Flower Path

Undoubtedly Ruta de los Flores is one of the best road trips to learn about the country. The path of the flowers is 40 km long and passes through five villages in the fields of Ahuchaban and Sunsonate – Zhuaua, Abanega, Nahuysalko, Salkoiton and Concepci டிn de Adaco, with many houses with murals in particular – a very luminous village.

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Guatemala: Caves of Semuk Sampe and Langin

Many consider Semuk Sampe, the most beautiful place in Guatemala, a beautiful natural reserve where the Rio Kahaban River flows. The nature park Semuk Sambe crosses the Kahaban River under a 300 meter long natural limestone bridge and is surrounded by lush tropical forests. The beautiful pools are made of very soft and turquoise water – the perfect place to cool off. Near the waterholes are several caves such as the Lanquans, which are a collection of underground caves.

Honduras: Rotten Bay Islands

If you are looking for a tropical paradise, head to the Bay Islands, about 50 km off the coast of Honduras. The main island of Rotten and Archipelago is part of the Mesoamerican Coral Reef, the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, making it an ideal destination for divers. Only 10% of the island is inhabited, 90% of the surface is naturally covered, full of coconut palms, papaya and mangoes.

Nicaragua: Grain Island

Tourists will feel like Robinson Crusoe on the Corn Islands off the coast of the city of Bluefields, 70 kilometers off the Caribbean coast. 10 sq. Km. In the past these islands were a haven for pirates, and today you can find a mixed crowd of backpackers and surfers here. If you are looking for a stalk under the coconut trees and eating freshly caught lobster in the evening, this is your location.

Panama: Ember எ Cure Village

On the shores of Lake Kadun in Socrates National Park is the village of Ember Querre, which was created in 2007 by people from several villages. Their purpose is to preserve their traditions and way of life in Panama and tourists can go to the village, which can only be achieved by canoe. The community is friendly and welcoming and welcomes visitors by showing them the way of life, culture and gastronomy.

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Dominican Republic: Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, the third largest city north of the Dominican Republic – named after inventor Christopher Columbus, is an ideal holiday destination; The city with the sea, the fine sandy beaches, the old center and a new center and a lush landscape. More fun: Ride the only cable car in the Caribbean to Pico Isabel de Torres at 795 meters for a better view of the city, and a small replica of the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and a beautiful botanical garden.

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