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There is nothing French about French fries. In the United States they celebrate French Fry Day today

Happy French Fry Day today! Yes, French fries celebrate their own day in the United States: July 13. Then they celebrate French fries, they are not French …

We will be a little further away from the discussion of chips or fries: today July 13 is French Fry Day in the United States on any subject. French Fry Day, to be exact. O-the day Americans celebrate the most beloved potato variety.

The fry comes from Belgium

While the name may refer to a French descent, it is true that this is again a real day in an American day, but the look can be seen closer to home: Belgium.

The story has not been verified, but residents in southern Belgium roasted small fish and used sliced ​​potatoes for lack of fish. It may explain their size, however it remains hypothetical. Although the differences between all types of fries are those thicknesses: Fries can be cut into different thicknesses from 1.5 mm (very thin) to 20 mm (thickness).

Match the potatoes and straw potatoes

French bombs fritters are as thick as fries in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, there is something like a 2 cm thick pomegranate Bond-Newf (Bond Newf potato). Pomegranate alum (match potatoes) and pomegranate piles (straw potatoes) are cut very thin and baked once, where most of the fries are first pre-fried at low temperature.

Six fry on the plate is enough

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Incidentally, to prevent the increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, a doctor says. Rim exactly six (!) French fries on the plate. He argues for a salad and six fries instead of a plate stuffed in fast food chains. Six!

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